Become a Certified National Cyber Security Instructor

The National Cyber Security Training Academy Instructor (NCSTA) program provides resources for individuals to become industry-recognized trainers specializing in the field of cyber security, information security, network security, business management, marketing, and leadership training.

The qualifications to become a National Cyber Security Training Academy Instructor (NCSTA),  includes: 

  • You must be certified in the program that you intend to teach (eg., to teach Certified Cyber Crime Consultant (C4), you will need to be a C4, and additionally, if you would like to teach Certified White Hat Hacker, then you will need to be a Certified White Hat Hacker.
  • You must possess technical expertise and hands-on experience with security technologies and applications.
  • If you are not an existing certified trainer for other major certification programs (eg., EC-Council, ISACA MCT, CTT+, C etc), you will have to take the NCSU Exam.
  • When a NCSTA application is approved, NCSTA will send an email notice to the NCSTA detailing the access to the NCSUI Resources. This will be followed by a physical NCSTA Certificate which will be mailed to the NCSTA within 1 months from the date of approval.
  • NCSTA Instructors are required to be technically proficient with good instructional skills.
  • The instructor must maintain a high standard of professionalism and teaching preparedness.

To Become An Instructor, Please Follow These Steps:

1. Create an account

2. Then send an email to [email protected], with the following information:

  1. The name and email address you used when you created your account.
  2. Subject line should say:  Request To Become An Instructor.
  3. Supply the name of the course
  4. Who is the target audience for this course?
  5. How are you qualified to teach this course?
  6. How much would you like to charge for this course?
  7. Please provide a detail description of the course.

After your submission, someone will contact you within 72 hours.